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Results With A Human Connection

I’m a Dad that understands what it takes to lose weight, to get cut and/or to gain muscle, while juggling career and home life. I’ve done it, and I live it every day.

If your goals are for weight loss, muscle gain or physical rehabilitation, I will motivate and push you past your comfort level. I believe that with determination, good nutrition and effort, we can achieve your perfect version of you.

  • Strength and conditioning coach - I help everyday people improve performance, enhance overall health and well being.
  • Eldoa practitioner - The Eldoa method is an innovative form of exercise developed by world-renowned osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer.
  • Student of the Soma Training program - It is an exercise-training program that respects human biomechanics and the organization of the fascial chains.
  • Virtual trainer - Engaged, attentive to detail, result-oriented. Group classes and personal training.
  • Virtual trainer - Online videos subscription to train from home with Troy's actual workouts.
Personal Fitness Trainer Montreal


Before & After

Before I started training with Troy, I was going to the gym 5 times a week but not seeing the results I wanted.

Troy helped me understand the type of training that works best for my body and my goals. He coached me through making changes in my diet and lifestyle and thanks to him, I was able to lose 25 pounds, gain muscle, and feel strong and confident again!

- Katrina
Personal Fitness Trainer Montreal

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